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FabCom | One To One Direct and Dynamic Marketing

We consider ourselves experts in the area of one to one marketing. By combining skills in data mining, technology-driven distribution of messaging, strategically-propelled creative and decades of experience, we can literally speak to each of your customers and prospects individually and hyper-relevantly, on the platform that they prefer — no matter what it is — in order to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place, to optimize purchase influence.

FabCom | Relationship and Database Marketing

We’ll show you how to painlessly mobilize your siloed data, then feed it in real time into customer-centric databases to sift the golden nuggets within your audiences. Stop paying for your leads over and over again, and, instead, build and farm your own leads consistently and efficiently. We are one of the leading experts in the country in this emerging area of dynamic marketing.

FabCom | Premium and Incentive Marketing

Our premium and incentive specialties (consumer, business, sales and employee) are viral and can be integrated into your sales funnel to ensure the tactic creates the results you deserve.

FabCom | Real-Time Dashboard Reporting

Custom analytics allow you to see the impact of any dynamic marketing initiative in real-time from your desktop. Just pop open a report and see how many prospects have responded to each of your marketing activities, how many customers made an add-on purchase today, or better yet wouldn’t it be great to know exactly the ROI on each and every ad you place online or offline? Our real-time dashboard reporting and custom analytics are so effective in optimizing your marketing initiatives that once you use them, you’ll wonder how you ever implemented a campaign without them.

FabCom | Strategy

FabCom is an integrated strategic marketing firm specializing in cross channel 1 to 1 advertising, PR and brand building with clients throughout the United States. Our multi-channel marketing process is driven by strategy and segmentation. The result is effective, high-impact individualized marketing and advertising that costs less to implement because it has the focus and structure to penetrate the target market and motivate specific actions. Our strategic, research-oriented approach to marketing, advertising and public relations has enabled us to conceive and implement numerous highly successful national and regional campaigns. We know how to influence multi-dimensional audiences, with hyper-relevance to take specific actions that will achieve quantifiable dynamic marketing goals. This ability and our strategic approach provide the confidence which lead us to become the first major agency in the country to guarantee the results of marketing plans and campaigns that we develop. This lowers your risk and ensures your success.

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