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Search Engine Optimization and Ranking

More and more people are looking online to find answers and solutions to their problems in life. If they need a painter, or mechanic or even the answer to life’s deepest questions, Search engines have become the gateway.

Businesses are set up to solve problems. Whether they install insulation or paint fingernails, someone who needs this service is likely to type into the search box something like “painter Dallas”. The validation that comes with largest company on the planet telling your customer that you are one of the best painters in Dallas is at the very core of why search engine ranking is so important, and so profitable.

Keyword Research

First of all, you’ve got a huge number of people looking for your services in the search engines. Using different terms, or keywords, they are looking for someone or something that will solver their problem. You definitely are losing a lot of business to your competitors if you aren’t on the first page of Google.

These are all different Keywords, but they all have the same general meaning:

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SLC Online Search Marketing

We have research tools that help us understand just how much search traffic there may be for each term, and when we work with companies that need search engine optimization, we often begin with looking for just how many people are on the internet searching for what that company provides.

With that knowledge, the business owners we work with have hard data about how much new business our SEO is likely to bring into their company.

I guess I should talk a little about what search engine optimization actually is. Essentially it is a pretty descriptive term. Taking all the things that the search engines look for to determine their rankings and optimizing those factors. It includes your content, technical factors on your website and how many and what type of “votes” or links you are getting from outside sources.

What is a SERP?

SERP ExamplePeople interact with the internet and websites in specific ways and Google is very good at understanding that how people use the internet can help them determine where the good information is located. Google takes all that determines it’s SERPs, or search engine results pages. Each keyword has a different SERP. Some SERPs will have all websites, some will include videos and social media listings and still others will include map listings. We utilize all these types of properties on the internet to make sure your customers find you, connect with you and take action to contact you.

At the core of what we do is website SEO. Meaning we get your actual website performing well, with all the technical criteria taken care of and also, make sure that your content is the right content that people are looking for. Without the research of what people are searching for, many business owners, copywriters and content providers will create articles and videos that simply don’t line up with what people are searching for in Google.

Algorithms, Filters and Penalties

One of the worst stories that we encounter is when companies have hired search engine agencies that have been too aggressive or not used good practices to accomplish rankings. Google is getting better and better at sorting out this spam and low quality content and giving it the old heave ho out of the SERPs

Some of these updates are referred to by names like Penguin and Panda and if you have been filtered based on spammy or low quality content or on spammy low quality links, you have been hit with a Google filter or penalty.

All is not always lost. Many times we can perform a Penguin recovery to get back your ranking and traffic by getting rid of the spam or purchased links that Google has deemed are below it’s quality standards. It’s not easy, and requires someone who really knows what to look for and how to do a penguin recovery, but many websites can be brought back from the graveyard by a professional SEO who knows what to look for and how to go about disavowing the bad links, keeping the good and getting your site back in the good graces of Google.

The Panda update was along the same lines of cleaning up spammy results. It is rooted in bad, “thin” or duplicate content on websites. Essentially the search engines improve their users experience by getting rid of these types of pages from their results. Panda filters are something that can be reversed as well, but determining the offending content, upgrading or changing it and getting Google to re-evaluate the quality of your website.

Semantic Web

Something that Google has filed patents on and that is the coming wave of improvements they will roll out is something called the semantic web. It includes more data about data that has existed in the past and is one of the things that we do to future proof our and our client’s sites for upcoming google updates. If you are truly putting a lot of value out there on the internet through your business website, including schema and other factors is the right thing to do. Even though Google has only begun to roll the updates out, it is where things are going. As Wayne Gretsky, the great Hockey player said, “most players skate to where the puck is. I skate to where it is going to be.” Win now and win in the future. Semantic optimization accomplishes that.

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