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From Marketo, this seems even more dubious…

While most promises of a “quick win” for SEO should arouse suspicion, there are a few considerations that might currently be hindering your SEO. Cleaning up some foundational technical concerns, and updating your general strategy, can set your SEO free and result in some quick gains that will impress the boss.

Switch to White Hat SEO with Profit

#1 SEO Company India, Profit by Search, started in the year 2000, has been offering white hat search engine optimization services as per the latest Google guidelines. Well-known for its dramatic algorithmic changes, Google has recently introduced its much awaited Penguin 4.0 on September 23. This time Google has not only baked Penguin into its core algorithm, but has also pushed SEO closer to real marketing. These new changes have greatly affected the online reputation of some businesses, while shattering other business websites out of the Google’s ranking. Though black hat SEO has been always targeted by search engine giant, Google, but the new Penguin is more granular and has completely diminished the feasibility of negative SEO. Looking to the changes that the Google has made, Profit by Search has come up with the latest SEO marketing strategies that not only eradicate the impact of Penguin 4.0, but also help entrepreneurs in gaining back their visibility on the Google.

Learn what Google is REALLY doing with Penguin Real-Time – reveals his latest leaks


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